Delivering end-to-end campaign planning and management for a cream cheese brand

The challenge 

Plan, buy, manage and evaluate a cross-retail shopper campaign to drive awareness of the brand's health credentials in January; tapping into shoppers aspirations to be healthier at this time to drive penetration.

The approach

We began by defining macro-challenges associated with this campaign, as well as outlining relevant shopper mind-sets to target.  In sum, the brand needed to recruit shoppers that were avoiding the category due to negative health perceptions, as a priority.  During a time when many brands were shouting about health credentials, leveraging this brand's equity was key, particularly in reassuring the shopper on the taste of their cream cheese and the health benefits along-side it.  Securing branded media out of category was therefore crucial to success  Chilled category benchmarks (200+ control versus exposed store studies) were reviewed within planning to unlock the most effective campaign.  

Project highlight 

5 new touch-points were activated by the brands team including: location targeted mobile, ATM advertising, digital 6 sheet posters, adserved banners and FM activity as a result of our innovative planning approach and data driven media selection rationale.  

Campaign performance




Media efficiencies unlocked across the campaign 

Impressions across 4 key retailers

Sales Uplift across 2 priority retailers

Working with Lobster has unlocked a wealth of knowledge on shopper media performance which has, in turn, facilitated increased test-and-learn activity. Lobster have completed +1,300 AvB shopper media evaluations and +200 of those are Dairy aligned. For us, this is a huge source of insight which we can use to shape investment decisions and improve campaign effectiveness looking ahead.

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