Provide training on shopper media performance for a soft drinks brand 

The challenge 

From a standing start, we were challenged to facilitate a detailed understanding of shopper media performance across the 'soft drinks' category as well as the broader 'impulse' and 'chilled' categories for the shopper team, through inspiring training sessions and resources. 


The aim: to empower and mobilise data driven investment decisions across the team and to increase return on shopper media investment over time.

The approach

From our bank of 1,400+ control versus test studies we first identified all the category relevant studies. 500+ impulse and 350+ chilled results were isolated.  Following this we reviewed performance trends within the data, considering the following core metrics: ROI, % uplift, £ uplift/store, impressions and CPM. 


Trends were analysed based on many subjects including: media, retailers, brand maturity, messaging, combinations etc.  Once key learning points were identified, relevant training sessions were designed, along with collateral and reference points for the team thereafter.

Project highlight 

Across the analysis, actionable learning were identified such as the relative over-performance of Co-op media across the impulse category, and the unmistakable strength of media at the fixture.  All categories relevant to the project showcased the potential to deliver an ROI between £1.40 and £2.13 and showcased shopper as a solid investment choice.   

Project Statistics



Data points were analysed across the project 

Tangible recommendations provided 


Average brand ROI across 'soft drinks'

Lobster have been working with us at the start of our journey to kick start our learning on shopper marketing effectiveness.  I have been really impressed by their expertise and proactiveness at partnering with us and willingness to adapt their deliverables to suit our business needs

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