Delivering a best in class range extension campaign for a category leader in Impulse

The challenge 

Plan, execute and evaluate a cross-retail campaign to maximise awareness of a brand extension campaign with fun and playfulness at its heart.

The approach

To complete this project, Lobster reviewed a wealth of data relevant to the brand, Impulse category and range extension executions to pull our key insight for our recommendation. 


At the time of planning, Covid-19 was significantly impacting retailer's media toolkits and so we had to be constantly mindful when planning.  We upweighted spend on proximity digital media to target shoppers in queues as well as at home in the consideration stage, capitalising in the re-birth of shopping lists at the start of the pandemic. This allowed for rich levels of targeting and minimal media wastage.  Bold, front of store display and eye catching (metallic) POS ensured in-store, the product was unmissable.

Project highlight 

Our campaign included best in class digital execution with one channel, location programmatic delivering a whopping £8.27 ROI, significantly above the media's benchmark performance.   

Project Statistics




Penetration Growth Acheived

Campaign ROI

Total Impressions

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