Providing qualitative insight on shopper media performance to an impulse heavyweight 

The challenge 

Provide a holistic view of the performance of bespoke shipper activity executed with a key retail partner which encompasses both qualitative and quantitative learning.

The approach

To understand how the shipper robustly impacted sales, Lobster ran a test versus control store evaluation and benchmarked results seen from a category and total grocery perspective using our evaluation database. 


Quantitative insight including impact on sales from a % and £ uplift point of view were provided as part of this analysis alongside an understanding of ROI performance.  When looking to gather qualitative learning to overlay within the activity's review our team created a questionnaire and took this to shoppers in store. 


We collated findings from all data sources internally and from this work, called out key trends and recommendations for consideration on-going for our client.

Project highlight 

Across this project our team created a 10 minute long film to highlight the key qualitative learning gathered across interviews conducted with brand, retailer and shopper representatives.

Project Statistics


of shoppers said that the impact of the price message on artwork could have been increased


of shoppers said they were prompted to buy the product after engaging with the activity


brand uplift

(test and post period)

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