Rolling out objective-led planning for a biscuit brand

The challenge 

Create an innovative recourse to support strategic media investment choices and measurement in shopper.

The approach

We worked with our client to define their five most common shopper activation objectives.  Once identified, our Planning and Insight specialists worked to outline: key planning considerations, a media selection strategy, priority media opportunities as well as measurement approaches for each, and visualised this across a simple planning booklet created in our clients branding.  Recommendations were built based on Lobsters planning heritage (our Planning specialists create 150 unique media plans per year), media buying catalogue and shopper media performance database.  At the time of the project the latter held 350 studies relevant to the category and 50 of the brand's own studies.

Project highlight 

Across the project we created 50 A5 training booklets as well as a selection A1 boards to dress the shopper team's office and provide a constant reference point when planning.

Project Statistics


Distinct shopper strategies identified


Data points were analysed 


Booklets created 

We first started evaluating our shopper marketing activity through Lobster last year, and already it has given us a great insight into the effectiveness of our campaigns in a cost effective way. The PlanVault portal has given us the knowledge of what’s working for us, as well as what media elements are most effective in different channels, in a really intuitive way. As we move towards a big period of activity, having this depth of insight has meant we’ve been able to be more choiceful in our decisions about our media mix

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