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Deliver and measure an increasing ROI on your shopper media investment.

Reaching shoppers ought to be the first line on brands’ marketing plans - often, it’s the last.

It ought to be most effective and accountable investment a brand can make - sadly, all too often it is the lowest-priority line on the plan and the least well understood.

Shopper marketing ought to be a top priority for both the sales and the marketing team - an opportunity to create real growth for your brand. In reality it can be viewed as somewhere between a retailer tax and a limited brand communications opportunity, with neither the volume-generating power of secondary display nor the pzazz and sexiness of digital or social.


That's where Lobster comes in.

Let’s see how this looks! And we pass on what we’ve learned, so that clients can improve their own strategies and campaigns. By showing you how to plan and measure great shopper media, we help you understand what works and what doesn’t – and we give you the capability to plan campaigns that are creative, accountable – and extremely effective.

How we can help


Our proprietary suite of shopper tools will strengthen your teams knowledge and capabilities & make your decisioning stronger.


We are one of the biggest buyers of shopper media in the UK. Whatever your campaign, we’ve probably booked one like it.


We’ve been helping some of the best known brands in the industry for over 15 years to increase knowledge, hone skills & develop their processes.

Our clients work with us to strengthen their

shopper insight.


"I’ve been in Shopper Marketing for over 10 years, and for me the most exciting part is the ‘science bit’ - understanding what your campaigns delivered, and using insight to strengthen future campaigns.


Working with Lobster therefore, is fantastic. Not only do I get huge amounts of insight, and well considered recommendations, I also get a superb client management team who always go that extra mile, and are as passionate about Shopper Marketing as I am."

Deonne Skull, Shopper Marketing Manager, PepsiCo

Thoughts from the team

What is shopper media?

Shopper media is any means of brand communication which can carry a brand message in order to stimulate brand purchase.

It can be digital or instore; it’s often owned by the retailer and always near to the buying point.